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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 4, 2012 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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>> that's it for now. i'm gregg jarrett in for shepard smith. harris faulkner will be back with the "fox report" at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. hope you have a great and happy and safe independence day. your world with neil cavuto is next. >> neil: we interrupt your 4th 4th of july fireworks for potential fireworks half a world away. iran moments ago saying you attack, we attack. the regime putting down the gauntlet on the same day we're beefing up u.s. troop presence in the region. iran threatens to destroy u.s. military bases across the middle east and go after israel within minutes of being attacked. get ready, this legal holiday year things are getting hot and heavy over there. welcome, everybody, glad to have you. happy 4th. fox on top of iranian
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revolutionary guards test firing missiles into the air. they say they could easily reach every city in israel and every u.s. and military base in the region. the latest from jerusalem. >> it's a tense july 4th on a lot of u.s. military basis. in the past few hours a leader in iran's revolutionary guard saying in effect, watch out, you're in our sights. threatening and direct language about taking out u.s. military basis within minutes of an attack on iranian soil and also said his missiles were in range of any city in israel. in the past 24 hours, we've learned the united states has based a squadron, f22 stealth fighters capable of penetrating deep into iran for an attack. this as iran is spending three days launching their shahab 3 missiles in the air in war games, capable of carrying a one
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ton war head, conventional or chemical weapons. state tv in iran is emphasizing the point these missiles can take out u.s. military basis within, quote, minutes. they have a range of 1250 miles. that puts about 100 to 120,000 u.s. service members in the bull's eye. that shown in yellow. in red, countries with u.s. bases, bahrain where the fifth fleet is based. also bases in afghanistan where there's a massive u.s. military presence as well as bases in kuwait. of course there's a map that includes any city in israel which gives iranians a lot of targets. the change in rhetoric but the iran'sance from threatening just israel to the united states. it gives the u.s. an excuse to build up military tear forces
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and could take on iran if necessary and a lot of military fire power in the region come october when there's a joint israel-u.s. military tear joint training exercise. many say that exercise would be the perfect prelude for an attack on iran by the united states or israel or perhaps both. >> man, oh, man. thank you very much. u.s. ships moving in and now a senior pentagon official warning iran not to send fast boats out. if it does, the official says we'll put them on the bottom of the gulf. how serious could this get? the former commander, kirk lipo. what do you think? >> it's getting tense there. by the same token we're sending anal to the iranians we mean business. we stepped up the number of forces, we have eight mine sweepers. we put in a command and control ship in the area so in the event something goes on in the naval
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battle, we're prepared to deal with it. able to deal with communications, handling marines we're seeing a stepping up by the u.s. sending a signal to assure israel we have the forces in the region necessary to allies, that we're keeping the gulf open and will maintain the strait of hormuz to countries in the region and to us as well. i think that it's also sending a signal to iran. we're serious, we mean business. we want you to comply with the sanction requirements. we're going to tighten them the next few weeks and months as we begin to more and more countries, especially europeans, cut off getting iranian oil and those sanctions are backing that regime into a corner. >> maybe the regime is misjudging us and it thinks given our pullout from iraq and our pulldown forces in afghanistan, that we don't have the appetite for this and you
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correctly pointed out we're building up a troop presence around the region directly affected. does iran think we don't mean this or assuming that they're going to try to call a bluff? >> i think they will attempt to call a bluff. you're going to see them trying to bring ships and boats into international waters. they're going to try like they did several months ago with one of our warships to provoke a response. the one thing that always pays off with u.s. nailed forces, well-trained, well disciplined. we're not going to rise to the bait and we'll do what is necessary to defend our ships and our oilers going through that region. by the same token we're not going to be provoked into a fight with these guys. >> commander, i wonder about the reticence on the part of the chinese and russians, don't support this crackdown. they would pay sharply higher oil in the event the strait is even temporarily shut down.
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so it would be in their best interesting not to let it get out of control. how are we working on that angle in what do we do about that part of the story? >> there's a larger strategic picture. you have to look at how the chinese and russians behave at government toward their own people and others. the chinese clearly are engaged in expansionist policies within the south china sea. they've gotten in an active -- tiff with the philippines. they don't want international forces to interfere. the same forces could be potentially turned on them on tailbacking who owns what turf in the south china sea and other areas. there's a reluctance. for the russians, they're trying to play on the international stage. they're still a major player but by the same token, putin realizing the days of the old soviet union and kgb are gone.
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he wants them back, he's not going to get them but they're a major player that needs to be given due respect but they need to ensure we can maintain the flow of oil, iran needs to comply with united nations requirements to open up and have a transparent nuclear program so we can ensure they're not building nuclear weapons, threatening israel and allies in the region and ultimately the united states. >> commander, thank you. thank you for joining us and four your service. >> phil flynn says things don't really have to come to blows for oil prices to blow up here. the threat is good enough. we forget that. phil, just the threat of a blockade would be enough to send those prices spiraling. how likely is that threat at this point?
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>> in a 10-dollar rally in two days in anticipation of the potential threat, it could get worse if tensions continue to heat up. we did see relief in the market overseas today. i think people are coming to grips with this situation. but if this does blow up, this could be a very serious situation. but of course sometimes the threat and impact on prices are worse than the bark. >> ruling out the possibility of a legitimate blockade, we've made it clear even all the western powers made it clear that simply cannot be accepted. but it could lead to some disruption in the markets, could it not? even a psychological disruption. how long would it take the markets to stabilize or do they fear there's something big going on in the midwest and the threat alone is enough to bid up the
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prices? >> i think if we saw missiles fly in the persian gulf. if iran attempted to shut down 1/5 of the oil supply prices would spike, maybe 30, $40 a barrel. as soon as they saw the u.s. response, prices would collapse. we would see prices lower than where they started in the beginning. the world is prepared for this situation and has been preparing for many months. iran made these threats. u.s. oil production is the highest level since 1960. europe has been hoarding supply. china has been hoarding supply. if iran is silly enough to attempt this, not only could they loss -- lose the war, they could lose oil customers forever. >> maybe they're clever by another hat. since this is one of the few
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areas they can generate revenue for a country sanctioned left and right, pardon the term, that the threat bids up oil prices, they get richer. it never comes to closesto blows. they're not philly threatened. they get richer and win. >> that's exactly what they're doing. trying to get every dollar they can on every barrel they sell. but this european oil embargo will cut their exports and economy. it will bury their economy. they may not be able to sell oil to china or anybody else. they tainted their oil with politics. anybody who buys it would be looked at as tainted by the community. iranians overplayed their hands and if they decide to do anything, it's out of desperation. >> thank you very much for joining us on a holiday. have a great 4th. >> you too, sir. >> after the ruling, the warning from a congressman now railing.
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if the government is going to make americans buy halt insurance congressman allen west says we can buy something else. >> i believe for personal security every american should have to buy a glock .9-millimeter. [ cheers and applause ]
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and if you don't do it, we'll tax you. >> he got that crowd whooping and hollering and laughing. he got the blogs going nonstop reporting. we thought we would get the florida republican himself to talk about an issue he says is no laughing matter. the colonel, the congressman with us now. good to have you. >> wonderful and happy independence day to you and your crew and family. >> to you as well. you knew you would get the response you did certainly inside that room and the negative reaction outside that room from critics. i always think you're a shrewd guy. you don't do these things on a whim. you expected what you got, right? >> you're absolutely so. i spent 22 years in the united states military so i'm a
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strategic thinker but we have to understand on this day, celebrating 236 years of this great united states of america, remember that country was founded on the ideal of individual sovereignty. understanding the individual rights of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness do not come from man or government, they come from our creator. so when i look at this decision that was made last week, coming from the supreme court, we have an incredible precedence which gives authority to congress and we could use for behavior modifications. that's a dangerous things in the hands of the federal government and i think our friends on the liberal side, if they don't want to see us mandate that americans have a certain handgun, they shouldn't mandate that americans have a certain type of commodity from a private sector just because they have an ideological agenda for quote/unquote halt
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insurance reform. >> do you think part of your provocative nature is to rattle cages even if it's done in a way critics say is over the top. a couple of days ago you mentioned the president and his big government approach saying he would rather you be his slave. you know you'll get that raised eyebrow, if not shock and awe reaction. you don't seem to care, right? >> no, i cannot care because when i look at the situation which i find my country, a country that, as i said, i was willing to lay down my life for, we take seriously the oath to this country and i'm shying away from saying what needs to be said. unthis president's leadership we had a 46% increase in food stamp recipients in the united states. we've gone from 32 million to
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46, 47 million. we have a government that is using taxpayer money to run radio ads to promote people getting -- going on food stamps. we have almost 7 million more americans on poverty. close to 9 million americans out there on social security disability. what we find happening is that we are creating an entitlement welfare start and getting people wedded to the government by employment checks and we're finding the regulatory environment that's out there is crushing our small business growth, which is the economic engine of this country. i have to say it as it is. we do not want to see economic dependency or economic slavery become the mantra for the united states of america. it should be economic freedom. the policies of this administration does not lend that so. >> you've been critical even of mitt romney's cautious approach or more to the point, his aides' approach and critical to the
1:19 pm
fact romney doesn't reign them in. >> he did today. >> maybe he listened to me. >> he made these remarks, governor romney, today on the healthcare issue. >> the majority of the courts said it's a tax and therefore it is a tax. they have spoken. there's no way around that. >> neil: an aide said that it wasn't a tax so we go back and forth. the democratic national committee seized on that say if that's the case, what you did in massachusetts was and is a tax. what do you think of that? >> well, i think first and foremost when the obama administration solicitor general argued before the supreme court that it was a tax, and the supreme court and chief justice roberts rules that the individual mandate is constitutional as we see it as a tax, that should have been the end of discussion. governor romney northeast needs to talk about the fact what he tried to do in the state of
1:20 pm
massachusetts was him seeing what could be best for his state. maybe it did not work out well and he should feel very bad that the president thought that he could take that as a model and try to implement that for the united states. >> neil: he's not doing that. he's standing by what he did in massachusetts. >> i think that's one of the things that probably should happen. because the president is going to continue to try to say this was the paradigm that i used to implement the affordable care act. the governor needs to come back and reassess, really, what was his decision making criteria for implementing his healthcare in massachusetts. >> neil: congress ran, colonel, always a pleasure. have a great 4th. >> absolutely. you too. we have to stand on principle in the united states of america regardless of the criticism you receive. >> congressman, good having you. the big invite is two months off and already the regrets are piling up. it's your party, barack, so go ahead and cry if you want to. ♪
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>> neil: forget we report, you decide. try they regret. what exactly doesn't the president get? a growing list of democratic congressmen and senators send their regrets to the big convention in charlotte, north carolina, two months away, including one from north carolina. congressman not sure he's going to or will be backing the president this fall. yikes. to the daily caller's jamey weinstein. if they were a wedding the bride
1:25 pm
and groom would be offended. it's two months away and regrets are coming faster that be the yeses. >> this is natural survival instincts coming into play. if you're a democrat from a conservative state or conservative congressional district where president obama is not particularly popular, whether for his stance on gay marriage or his advocacy of obama care you'll distance yourself from him. one way is not to go to the democratic national convention. they're saving themself. >> i wonder about that. it's not as if people don't know their democrats, right? and whether they support or do not support the president or his policies, i know in this north carolina congressman's case he went ahead on the vote to hold attorney general holder in contempt and plans to vote with the rest of the house, republicans in the house, to repeal the healthcare law so he's feeling the heat.
1:26 pm
but people will in the end still know, yeah, you're a democrat. i don't know if that's good or bad but does skipping out on a convention or withholding support for the president move the needle? >> it's hard to say. i don't think it's that determinative at the end of the day. for the most high profile person saying no is senator claire mccasscal, running for reelection. she won't be able to remove -- distance herself. she voted for obama care. her not going to the convention, at the end of the day, how can you distance yourself from him. >> is there any precedence? he's on the republican or democratic side where so many so early say no way. >> i tried to look back in 2004, if there were a lot of republicans saying no to president george w. bush in the republican national convention. i didn't see it.
1:27 pm
>> we should stress you're an encyclopedia on that. at that point, president-elect was unpopular and john kerry, 6 to # points ahead. >> there are a few examples this year of republican candidates, senator hellers from nevada, not going to the republican national convention. so there's about five of them. but if you look at the amount of democrats not going to the democratic national convention, we're well over a dozen candidates and those elected running for reelection. there's more to come, this is a very high number. >> if you're the president and get reelected, do you remember the folks who dissed in. >> in some cases i think he probably encourages them to -- i think in claire mccass cal as case he probably suggests she doesn't. he wants to retain the senate if he wants to get anything done. it's his advantage to have those do what they have to do to stay in office.
1:28 pm
>> all right, good seeing you again. have a great 4th. >> same to you. coming up. >> i am paying for this microphone. >> reagan paid for his microphone. could it be time for mitt romney to pick up his? i'm sending a shout timeout mountain home arkansas to my mom, trina collins. i love you, miss you, can't wait to see you, know that i'm always missing and thinking about you.
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1:33 pm
in the process, they devastated, they devastated whole american communities. >> neil: okay, mitt, have a fit, to hear your most loyal backers, your bane pain is growing insane and if you don't answer that's charges, your political goose is cooked. he says let her rip. >> i have confidence the 4th 4th of july will spark the fire for mitt romney. i really believe that. >> neil: do you think he has the fire? he's a gentile kind of a guy and i don't know if he does. >> remember iowa. remember he was yelling at the heckler and mad -- he goes, back off, buddy. >> neil: you're right. we should remember this, those rare times the governor acts like me. >> you know there was a time in this country we didn't celebrate attacking people based on their success and when we didn't go
1:34 pm
after people because they were successful. and i -- i watched this president go across the country attacking people and i -- and i -- if you want to speak, you can speak you but right now it's my turn. let me continue. that is this. >> neil: dee dee was silg as she watched that. he has to do that more often. >> every day. i think he needs to do it every day. we're in a time in our history where it is so important. on independence day, we're fighting our our country and we need to hear mitt romney say i'm a capitalist, i've done well and made a lot of money and that's good. he needs to say i'm suce too ano fix the economy and all due respect to the sitting president, the last 3.5 years hasn't gone well. >> you don't mean the all due
1:35 pm
respect part. >> on the 4th of july i do. >> it's unusual for guys like mitt romney to get agitated, just like it was unusual for ronald reagan to get agitated. when he did in this famous incident, it turned a nominating process around. this was ronald reagan. >> will the sound man please turn mr. reagan's mic off. >> mr. green, you asked me if you -- i'm paying for this microphone. [ cheers ] >> then he said after that george bush sr. was toast and the republican nomination was wrapped up. >> we need that moment. it's time for mitt romney to step up. >> neil: what does he say to defend bain capital or private
1:36 pm
capital? >> he you know what? we make mistakes, we have successes and failures in business. all businesses do and you learn. so he had those experiences and barack obama hasn't had any. we only know he's failed. he owns the economy. it's not going well so give someone else a try. give the outside d.c. guy, the business guy a try. >> thank you very much. frank lutz now on the pollster extraordinaire. i wonder if governor romney then focuses on the fact he put private capital, his own money and firm's money at risk and not taxpayer money or is that too convoluted. >> this is an explanation 90 percent of americans don't understand. capitalism, that word was created by karl marks to undercut and humiliate job creators and employers.
1:37 pm
it was never meant to be positive and every time i hear conservatives says we're capitalists, that's a negative. economic freedoms are employers and employees. >> you're mitt romney and hear these attacks and the attack on bane and what it did and money raised. do you then focus on i freely used my money, not your money, i risked my money, not your money. the president put your money on the line and we have squat to show for it, a vary variation of what he said in the past or is he not making that closing sale. >> it's not about him, it's about the american people, about job creation, about affordability. how can you afford these taxes? whether it's a penalty or a tax, it doesn't matter when it comes to healthcare. the fact is the average taxpayer can't afford it and the united states of america can't afford it. >> neil: does he have to stop being nice? does he need a reagan moment? >> what he needs is righteous
1:38 pm
indignation. it's not about nice, its about who he's going to fight for, hard working taxpayers? is he going to stand up against a washington democracy, bloated, in your face, denying you the rights you deserve. if mitt romney fights for hard working taxpayers, he wins. if he doesn't, he doesn't. >> neil: interesting. are you exploring this with others? you have a big ol' special with us. what are you exploring? >> oh, i've got allen west, darrell issa, eight members of that freshman class. all on fox news tonight at 9:00 p.m. east coast time and at midnight. they're going to talking about what makes america special and interact with the american people. it's a chance for real people to challenge elected officials. ice is.
1:39 pm
>> neil: we get a lot of reaction every time he's on. have a great independence day, be well. >> thank you. coming up. >> oh my god! my home is destroyed! >> we got injuries. >> nutty and now that dude is officially deemed a nut. not quite but a judge says this captain is sean. why is jetblue still on a very hot tarmac? let me be brief. the legal briefs are only now piling up. do you see it ? there it is ! there it is ! where ? where ? it's getti away ! where is it ? it's gone. we'll find it. any day can be an adventure. that's whye got a subaru.
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>> oh my god? destroyed. >> shepard: we've got israel, iraq, we've got israel, we've got iraq. >> that must have been a pleasant flight. a jetblue pilot's midair meltdown in march.
1:43 pm
a texas judge finds that captain knotting of -- not guilty, declaring he was insane. a handful of passengers are suing the airline over the incident on whether the ruling helps their case. >> i think it does help their case because my position is that this pilot must have had some preexisting mental disorder and the airlines owe all the passengers an obligation to be safe. was he ever psychologically evaluated? >> pilots generally are each year, something like that. what if he was just getting -- passing grades or whatever they do for these every year? >> that goes more to their negligence because it should be more in-depth. just based on the comments he made, you know, he said things about terrorists, al qaeda and things of that nature.
1:44 pm
>> everyone who knew him, including the former c.e.o. of jetblue knew this guy to the early founding days and there wasn't a hint. others said the same. i'm not saying there might not have been something missed but you hear that's the last guy we would have seen doing this. >> its ironic he suddenly snapped. >> but people do. >> you're right but based on the things he said, and the fact that his family said that, you know, they don't think he had intent to be violent toward anyone. i think the family knew something was going on prior to this incident occurring. >> neil: and that -- but it's up to the family to pass that along to the company. is it the company's liability if the family does not? >> no but the airlines need to do more, maybe more than annually, talk to the pilots more frequently. i hear that a lot of pilots have abuse of alcohol and drugs and
1:45 pm
there's obviously a lot of stress in that career. >> now we're seeing more because they're working longer hours, seeing pay cuts and downsizing. not that that justifies what this guy did. your argument is that jetblue is more hot water. is it likely other passengers on that flight file suit or join this suit? >> i think you will see more lawsuits filed by other passengers because they're feeling this man had a mental disorder or something was mentally wrong and he was allowed to get behind that cook cockpit. >> what do you charge, emotional distress and you never want to fly again? >> i would seyi emotional distress or post traumatic stress syndrome. i don't think there was a lot of injuries but imagine the fear that went through those passengers. especially in light of 9/11. >> you're right. the last thing you think of is the pilot saying that kind of
1:46 pm
stuff. keisha, thank you. >> thank you. >> in the meantime, have you ever looked at our debt clock? whose going to pay? the teenager afraid he and his friends are and he's ticked. he's next. this is candace in bag rah, afghanistan, a shout out to my mom, dad and brother in little rock. i hope you have a happy 4th of july. love you. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is our beach. ♪ this is our pool. ♪ our fireworks. ♪ and our slip and slide. you have your idea of summer fun, and we have ours. now during the summer event
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>> neil: this independence day a growing dependence on debt. the national debt speeding
1:50 pm
towards $16 trillion. my next guest had enough but he's not any guest, 18 years old, charlie kirk and charlie is on a mission. he wants to educate young voters about the debt problem by these means, if you will. he's putting them on facebook and twitter. very clever. he's trying to get the word out. charlie, you call it generational theft and you're so passionate you're delaying starting college by at least a semester to get the word out. >> that's right. turning point u.s.a. exploded. we're using unique social media tools, facebook and twitter, to get the youth engaged. we've had such a great response from conservatives and independents that i dade decided -- decided to delay going to baylor university. >> neil: how are who are you trg to reach? >> students and outbut the by
1:51 pm
product has been older citizens with grandchildren and kids that will inherit that debt. $16 trillion will jeopardize economic growth f i want to start a business and pay off interest of old medicare and social security payments that won't help our economic prosperity. we need to face this before we go off the cliff. >> a lot of young people get the rap, fairly or not, to be disengaged, totally disinterested. more into going to college, having fun. not you. so when you talk to some of your friend or other 18, 19-year-olds, do they say charlie, what's the deal? does it measure on them what you're doing? what? >> it's compounding upon itself. we have kids all over the country trying to get organ facebook page. we consider it a generational issue. kids don't want to hear mitt
1:52 pm
romney or obama, they want to have fun with it. on our facebook page you see kids from kansas and missouri and puget sound and miami using hollywood jokes or social media, pop culture. jersey shore and we post it and it gets more kids on the site and we get the message of fiscal responsibility across in the way of romney campaign is not doing and the obama campaign has yet to discover. >> you use popular movie frames, parts of the caribbean and others and lawyers tell me it's legal what you're doing. we haven't heard from the movie houses, wait a minute, what are you up to here? >> yeah, well, it's interesting. i mean i think its perfectly legal but kids love making them and they're popular. on facebook, some have gone viral. one had over 100 million views and posted on facebook pages all over. my generation is not going to sit down and read a "new york times" article or op-ed from the
1:53 pm
"washington post." they look and share and it and move on. it's a turning point at the tip of the speer in that regard. >> what are you going to major in at baylor? >> entrepreneurship. that's where the got my inspiration. i want to start my own business and turning point is a entrepreneurial endeavor. i want a market that's free and taxes that are low. that's where i get inspiration. if we do not make the right decisions necessary, i can get 50 degrees and still won't be able to open a business. that's where i look at it from my speculative and i feel we can make positive change in november. >> neil: charlie, i have a bright young girl who is my daughter i want to introduce you to, but we'll talk later. best of luck to you. thank you very much. thank you for having me. >> neil: he thinks i'm joke. hey, mitt romney, take it from another business guy in politics, it's not always what you think.
1:54 pm
>> just think of how many we got into one sentence. that was impressive. who wrote this [ bleep ]? >> did he really just say what he think he said? mitt, you might not want to be exactly like mike. an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement, if your car is totaled, we give you the mone for a car one model year newer. liberty mutual auto insurance.
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♪ ♪ >> neil: finally, you want to be top dog? sometimes you've got to talk about dogs. talking about hot dogs. talking about a new york city mayor even after more than a decade on the job i don't think much relishes talking about hot dogs for the billionaire turned politician hot dog eating contests. have a look at this. >> we have one of their dogged pursuers will finally catch up, cut the mustard and be pronounced weiner.
1:58 pm
no question it's going to be a dog fight. think how many we got in one sentence. that was really impressive. who wrote this [bleep]? >> neil: everyone had a good laugh at that, including the mayor. mitt romney, take note. this comes with the territory. you want the big job you better deal with things that come with the big job like pardoning the turkey every thanksgiving. i think some presidents really get into it, but i have my doubts about the last president who came close to losing something valuable doing it. we expect the presidents to make big speeches against impressive backdrops. >> mr. gorbachev, tear down this wall. >> i think presidents love lighting up the world but some have a tougher time getting into, i don't know, lighting up a christmas tree. it comes with their job but i don't think they flip over that part of the job. don't get me wrong, barack
1:59 pm
obama certainly can sing. >> ♪ i am so in love with you ♪ [ applause ] >> who knew that president bush could dance? ♪ ♪ >> frankly most of the guys fancy themselves of top dogs making history and not promoting hot dog eating contestants making themselves sick. that's part of the job i suspect some like the mayor, they don't relish. but to avoid get kicked in the buns they move their buns to honor tradition or pardon the turkey because they'd look foul if they didn't. it's part of bag leader. never removing yourself too far from a tur. i can it keeps you humble. on this fourth of july it beats the alternative. having your loyal subjects think you're just oh, i don't know, a weenie. i